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About environment

The new technology used at our plant lays the groundwork for environmentally friendly production, which we consider extremely important.

Estonian Cell environmental advantages are: 
•  sulfur free production
•  chlorine free bleaching 
•  low fresh water consumption 
•  high yield for wood consumption 

Stringent environmental requirements are applicable for our company. Estonian Cell has been issued Integrated Environmental Permit nr 1. 

The plant’s biological water treatment plant was a major investment. It allows both Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand purification level of over 90%, which is the highest in this branch of industry. The purified waste water is conducted via a 9.5 km long pipe to the Bay of Mahu, with a discharge reservoir 1.5 km from the coast, at a depth of 10 meters on the seabed. 

Modern production standards and environmentally friendly technology contribute to compliance with international environment and quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Environmental and Corporate Sustainability Report 2017


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